“Beyond Rapunzel: Shakira’s Lush Locks Flow Nearly to the Ground”

Shakira made headlines in April after being named the Latin Woman of the Year by Billboard. The accolades continued into May when she was honored at the inaugural Mujeres Latinas en la Müsica event. This makes Shakira the first-ever Latina woman to receive this recognition from Billboard, solidifying her place in music history.

Billboard extended an invitation to Shakira to take part in their Latin Music Week celebration from October 2 to 6. She caught everyone’s attention during the Q&A session with her strikingly long hair, a style we haven’t witnessed her flaunt before.

As we admired Shakira’s flowing locks, we couldn’t help but wonder how she achieved such effortless waves. Although she has naturally curly hair, it seems unlikely that she simply washed and air-dried it before the event. Instead, her loose, lived-in waves appear intentional – perhaps due to aged curls that have lost their bounce or Shakira’s personal take on beachy waves.

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