Celebrating 20 years of loyalty: Wishing a joyful birthday to our resilient senior rescue pup

Chihuahua celebrates his 23rd birthday

Introducing Bully, a cute little Chihuahua who was born in 1999. He has been around for over twenty years, experiencing all sorts of historical events such as changes in government leaders and advancements in technology. Although he may not have any recollection of these moments, his 23rd birthday bash was definitely a memorable occasion.

Bully had a wonderful upbringing for the first 21 years of his life, spending time outside and playing in the park with his loving family. Unfortunately, his previous owner struggled to give him the care he needed, so Bully had to start a new journey. Luckily, he was taken in by The Mr. Mo Project, a rescue organization that specializes in senior dogs, run by Chris Hughes and his caring spouse. Here, he found all the love he deserved.

Even though Bully was getting up there in years, his lively and spunky character persisted. His previous owner likened him to a “big dog in a small dog’s body,” and he certainly hadn’t lost any of his enthusiasm. Despite his age, Bully remained playful, friendly, self-reliant, gentle, and had a unique bark that sounded like an old man. He still loved to play and would even take charge of other Chihuahuas from time to time.

Bully, an aging dog, cherished his nap times more than his younger counterparts. He could fall asleep anywhere, be it the kitchen floor, a cozy bed, or even a pee pad. The Hughes family went all out to celebrate Bully’s birthday by decorating their house and presenting him with two of his favorite things; soft biscuits (crushed for his aging teeth) and plenty of time to rest. The Hughes are extremely dedicated to making sure their senior furry companions feel cherished and special. They make an effort to celebrate different occasions with their elderly dogs, such as marking the end of cancer treatments, commemorating adoptions, birthdays, and even hosting a Christmas in July. They strive to ensure that these senior dogs know how loved and valued they are.


Bully, the remarkable 23-year-old Chihuahua, can anticipate many more precious moments and festivities due to the Hughes family’s unyielding attention as he enters into his 24th year of life. It serves as a fitting tribute to his exceptional qualities and perseverance, highlighting love’s enduring influence.

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