“Cruising in Style: Shakira and Friends Ride $230K Speed Boat in Miami’s Sunny Waters, Following Fun Time with Formula One Racer Lewis Hamilton”

On a Monday, Shakira went on a delightful boat ride with her friends to explore the beautiful Miami shoreline. This came shortly after she had already enjoyed a similar adventure with Lewis Hamilton.

During her recent outing, the talented singer from Colombia opted for a relaxed and comfortable look. She wore a swim top with color-blocking details, which perfectly matched with her shorts. Shakira tied her blonde hair back, revealing her beautiful face, and protected her eyes from the sun with a pair of stylish dark shades.

With a cheerful demeanor, she effortlessly hoisted her surfboard onto the boat and settled down for a lively conversation with her fellow passengers. They cruised through the water on a Mastercraft X24, a luxurious vessel equipped with impressive features worth a hefty $233,100.

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