Exploring Shakira’s Ancestry: A Nostalgic Visit to Her Grandmother’s Hometown in Lebanon

Shakira, the renowned pop sensation from Colombia, recently visited a village in Lebanon, which was once home to her paternal grandmother. During her visit, the 41-year-old singer expressed her joy and greeted the locals of Tannourine in Arabic, as reported by a journalist. The trip was held under strict security in the hilly northern part of Lebanon.

During her recent visit to Lebanon, Shakira teamed up with local authorities to explore a natural reserve renowned for its iconic cedar trees, which are a national symbol. As part of her trip, she also took the time to plant two young trees and received the honor of having a section of the reserve named after her family name, Shakira Mubarak, as confirmed by Tannourine’s mayor, Bahaa Harb.

On the previous Friday, Shakira kicked off the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon with an electrifying performance that drew a whopping 13,000 fans. In between her busy schedule, she also made a stop at the Tannourine Cedars Reserve located in Tannourine, Lebanon.

Shakira has arrived in Lebanon for the third time with her two sons in tow. She has previously visited the country twice before, once in 2003 and again in 2011 for a performance.

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