“From Cleopatra to Neon: Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour Showcases Nine Colorful Outfits!”

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have recently delivered outstanding performances. Miley flaunted her daring side in London while Katy chose a more youthful and fun style for her show in Belfast. On Wednesday night, Katy kicked off her Prismatic World Tour at the Odyssey Arena in Northern Ireland. She impressed her audience with her vibrant outfits and greatest hits. The concert had an Egyptian theme, featuring Katy dressed as both an empress on horseback and a pink feline in a jumpsuit. You can watch some of the highlights of her show in the video below.

Queen of Egypt: Katy Perry kicks off her Prismatic World Tour like Cleopatra

Katy Perry kicked off her Prismatic World Tour by embodying the legendary Cleopatra, ruling over Egypt with her regal performance.

Extravagant: The show was clearly a big budget one for Perry as she opened the tour at Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Perry’s tour started with a grand spectacle at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The expenses were not spared in this lavish event. Her wardrobe is loaded with designer brands such as Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Jeremy Scott for Moschino. Perry even graced the runway for Jeremy’s debut as creative director at Milan Fashion Week. She revealed the whole setlist of the show broken down into different themes including Prismatic, Egyptian, Cat-oure, Acoustic, Throwback, Hyper Neon, and an encore.

Role model: Katy Perry was voted the most admired celebrity by Girl Talk readers

Girl Talk magazine readers have voted Katy Perry as their ultimate role model. This highlights the significant influence and inspiration she has on young individuals today. The recognition as the most admired celebrity is a remarkable achievement for Katy Perry.

Role model: Katy Perry was voted the most admired celebrity by Girl Talk readers

According to Girl Talk readers, Katy Perry has been voted as the most respected celebrity role model.

On stage: The tight-fitting leotard showed off Katy's trim picture to perfection

On stage: The tight-fitting leotard showed off Katy's trim picture to perfection

Katy looked absolutely gorgeous on stage in her perfectly fitting leotard that displayed her toned physique in an impeccable manner.

Like an Egyptian: Even Katy's dance moves were stuck with her theme

Katy Perry maintained her commitment to the Egyptian-inspired theme of her performance, with even her dance movements reflecting this influence.

Moving up: The singer was lifted up by her dancers

Spicing up the act, the performers hoisted the vocalist high in the air while she belted out her tunes.

Pop princess: The singer looked comfortable on her make shift throne

The singer looked comfortable as she sat on a makeshift chair.

Agile: The tight costume gave Katy freedom to move around the stage during her performance

Katy’s stage performance was smooth and graceful because of the flexibility of her outfit which allowed her to move with ease.

Colourful: The singer dispelled any myths that her tour might have been any less vibrant than her Californian Dreams tour in 2011

Colourful: The singer dispelled any myths that her tour might have been any less vibrant than her Californian Dreams tour in 2011

The performer proved that her current tour was just as vibrant and full of life as her previous Californian Dreams tour from 2011, dispelling any doubts or misconceptions.

Bow down: Katy was in top form for her extensive tour

Katy Perry put on an incredible show during her extensive tour. She shared a photo with her fans, urging them not to miss #ThePrismaticWorldTour. The concert began with her famous song ‘Roar’ and continued with ‘Part of Me’ and ‘Wide Awake’. Many songs from her latest album Prism were also featured in the setlist, such as ‘Legendary Lovers’, ‘By the Grace of God’, and ‘Walking on Air’, all of which were performed on the Irish stage. Perry’s performance was truly exceptional and a must-see for all her fans.

No nonsense: Katy loked like she meant business as she wielded a whip in her hands

Katy had a look of earnestness and resolve as she held onto a whip, signifying that she was prepared to make a move.

Ready to battle: Her outfits were a lot more demure than Miley Cyrus' for her Bangerz tour

Ready for the test: She chose to wear modest attire rather than emulate Miley Cyrus’ daring ensembles at the Bangerz show.

Stallion: Katy made a grand entrance on a golden horse

Katy made a grand entrance riding a magnificent stallion with golden hair, leaving a lasting impression.

Royal: Katy kept a regal pose and dancers moved the horse

Katy held herself with regal poise as her troupe of dancers elegantly directed the horse’s steps.

Details: Clearly no expense was spared for the tour

It was clear that the expense of the tour was not an issue.

Feilne great: Katy later changed into a fetching tight-fitting pink catsuit with ears to match

Katy was simply stunning in her latest attire, a fitting pink catsuit that beautifully accentuated her curves. To add to her feline charm, she accessorized with a set of adorable ears, completing the look with panache.

Meow: Katy looked to be having a great time as she performed on stage in her fetching pink catsuit

Katy was having a blast during her energetic stage performance, donning a fabulous pink catsuit that beautifully highlighted her curves.

Mcavity! Katy seemed inspired the musical Cats! for her next costume change

Katy seems to have drawn inspiration from the famous Broadway production “Cats” for her upcoming costume change and is planning to transform into the character Mcavity!

Designer: Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Jeremy Scott for Moschino have contributed to her wardrobe

Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Jeremy Scott from Moschino have contributed to styling her.

Katy Purry: The singer unleashed yet another one of her alter-egos

Katy Perry has introduced a fresh persona to her extensive range of alter-egos.

Purrfect: The singer has always incorporated feline themes in her music and outfits

Purr-fect: The singer has always incorporated cat-themed elements in her music and outfits.

The mane attraction: Katy clearly put on a good show

Katy’s performance was truly remarkable and left the audience spellbound. Her hair, which looked stunning, added to the overall appeal of her performance.

Cheeky drink: Katy made sure to raise a glass to the launch of her tour

Katy raised a glass to mark the beginning of her tour, and the drinks were definitely enjoyable.

Bottoms up: She merrily sipped her drink

With her lips wrapped around the straw, she savoured the coolness of her beverage, basking in the happiness that radiated from within.

Multi-coloured: Katy also wore another outfit which featured two smiley faces covering her breasts

Katy wore a vibrant outfit that featured a distinctive top with two smiling faces serving as a cover for her chest.

Hands up: She kept the crowd's energy up throughout the night

Let’s see those hands in the air! Throughout the entire night, she kept the audience energized and engaged.

Happy: The star stripped off into a bra featuring two smiley faces on it

The famous person was overjoyed as she stripped off her garments, revealing a bra that had two smiling emoticons on it.

Striking: Katy stood out in the tight-fitting black and yellow leggings and yellow jumper

Striking: Katy stood out in the tight-fitting black and yellow leggings and yellow jumper

Katy became the center of attraction as she flaunted her stylish ensemble which included a pair of form-fitting leggings in black and yellow and a vibrant yellow sweater.

Raven-haired beauty: When she didn't have smiley faces covering her assets, Katy showed off her cleavage in one incredibly colourful outfit

Katy showed off her décolletage in a bold ensemble that did not have the happy face mask covering her face, highlighting her stunning black hair.

Standing out: The star's injection of colour did not end there as she wore a huge skirt with several striking patterns on

The famous personality made a daring fashion statement with her attire selection, incorporating vibrant hues and striking patterns into her ensemble. Rather than settling for the conventional, she opted for a voluminous skirt adorned with attention-grabbing motifs.

Sing along: She encouraged the crowds

Encourage everyone to sing along: She inspired the crowd to join in the melody.

Laid back: Katy was afraid to get down

Katy felt nervous about going down and hesitated for a moment.

Loud and proud: Katy also strutted her stuff on stage in a palm leaves bra

Katy confidently showed off her unique sense of style during her recent performance, donning a bra made entirely of palm leaves. Her setlist included classic hits such as ‘I Kissed a Girl’, ‘Firework’, and ‘California Gurls’, as well as an impressive mashup of ‘This Is How We Do’ and ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’. While some critics may have drawn comparisons to Lady Gaga’s bold fashion choices, Katy remained true to her own individuality. The first segment of her global tour will feature a total of 17 shows throughout the UK, including four headline concerts from May 27th to May 31st at London’s O2 Arena.

Showcasing her pins: Katy later changed into fetching a crop top and short skirt combination

Katy chose to showcase her toned legs with a cute outfit consisting of a crop top and a mini skirt.

Be careful: The star had to be careful she didn't showcase a little too much in the outfit

Being careful is important: The popular public figure had to be cautious and take measures to make sure that the clothing she wore did not reveal too much of her skin.

Lean: Katy had her enviably slim legs on display

Katy confidently showed off her slim legs, leaving others envious.

Up close: Katy was happy to get near her fans

Katy Perry is overjoyed to be in such close proximity with her fans, relishing the opportunity to connect with them on a more personal level.

Set list: Katy posted all the songs she would sing on the Prismatic World Tour ahead of her first gig

Katy Perry provided a detailed list of the songs she intended to perform during her debut show on the Prismatic World Tour.

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