Gal Gadot shines at the Premiere Of TNT’s “I Am The Night” at Harmony Gold


Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, known for their roles in the hit film Wonder Woman, reunited on Thursday evening at the Los Angeles premiere of Pine’s latest project, the mini series I Am The Night on TNT. The event also welcomed the presence of Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, who once again collaborated with Pine on this six-episode crime thriller.

Pals: Gal Gadot showed up to support her Wonder Woman co-star Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins at the LA premiere for the TNT mini series I Am The Night

Good buddies: Gal Gadot made a special appearance to show her support for her colleague Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins at the Los Angeles premiere of the TNT mini-series titled I Am The Night. Pine, aged 38, portrays a tabloid journalist in the series who forms a friendship with a teenage girl, played by India Eisley, as she arrives in LA in search of her wealthy relative, a renowned doctor. This enthralling drama draws inspiration from the mysterious and notorious Black Dahlia murder case in LA, as well as the quest to unearth the true identity of the brutal murderer. Prior to the premiere, Pine engaged in a Q A event in LA to promote the show, and he had nothing but admiration for director Patty Jenkins.

Based on true story: Jenkins directs Pine in the drama that takes its inspiration from the mystery of the infamous LA murder case of the Black Dahlia and the identity of the brutal killer

In a truly captivating tale, Jenkins assumes the directorial role for an enthralling drama, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic and haunting LA murder case known as the Black Dahlia. With Pine in the lead, the film aims to unravel the identity of the merciless perpetrator behind this infamous crime.

2017’s Wonder Woman grossed $821.8 million worldwide making it the sixth most successful film that year

Gadot and Jenkins are set to reunite for a sequel slated for 2020

The 2017 movie, Wonder Woman, was a huge box office success, earning a massive $821.8 million globally. This made it the sixth most lucrative film of that year. Fans will be thrilled to hear that Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are joining forces once again for a highly anticipated sequel, scheduled to hit the theaters in 2020.

Dramatic mystery: In I Am The Night, Pine, 38, plays a tabloid reporter who befriends a teen played by India Eisley who arrives in LA looking for a rich relative who’s a celebrated doctor

Plot Twist: Unraveling the Enigma – In the enthralling TV series, I Am The Night, the charismatic Chris Pine, at the sprightly age of 38, assumes the role of a sensationalist journalist. His unanticipated encounter with a young protagonist, portrayed brilliantly by India Eisley, sets the stage for an intriguing narrative. Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Los Angeles, our teenage heroine embarks on a quest to find a renowned physician, who also happens to be her affluent kin. This fusion of drama and mystery will surely leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Gadot also played Wonder Woman in the DC Comics films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League

The Israeli actress also starred in three Fast   Furious movies

Chic: Gadot, who effortlessly portrayed Wonder Woman in the DC Comics movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, also captivated audiences with her remarkable performances in three Fast Furious films. It’s worth mentioning that this talented actress hails from Israel.

Helmer: In a Q A earlier in the day, Jenkins explained: ‘Chris and I came into this having found a common language and a common joy and a common pursuit and it makes working joyful’

During a Q A session, Helmer shared his thoughts on working with Jenkins, stating that they connected on various levels and found joy in their collaboration. He emphasized Jenkins’ genuine desire to listen to others, particularly when it comes to creating art. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pine, who also acted as an executive producer on I Am The Night, revealed that this was a role he had always aspired to have. He expressed a peculiar experience as an actor, where one often feels powerless, but embraced the opportunity to have more influence in this project.

Pals: Gal and Chris shared a big hug

Friends: Gal and Chris embraced in a warm and affectionate hug.

Bonding time: Director Patty and Gal definitely have a tight-knit relationship as they chatted away

Quality time: Director Patty and Gal certainly share a close bond as they engaged in lively conversation

Good spirits: The two collaborators shared an embrace

The atmosphere was filled with positivity as the two partners exchanged a warm and heartfelt hug.

Good vibes: Gal playfully stuck her tongue out

Positive energy: The girl mischievously poked her tongue outAccording to the executive producer, his role was more about liberation and less about hard work. It also provided him with a chance to collaborate with his close friends.Jenkins was also full of praise for her leading actor.She expressed, “Chris and I connected instantly on a deep level, sharing a similar passion and purpose. It’s incredibly uplifting to work together towards a shared goal.”

Big break: India Eisley, 25, is the series female lead as a young girl trying to find out about her birth family after it’s revealed she had been adopted

Exciting Opportunity: At the young age of 25, India Eisley has landed the role of the leading female character in the series. Her character embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her biological family after discovering that she was actually adopted.

Worked together: Eisley posed for photos on the red carpet with co-star Golden Brooks

Collaboration at its finest: Eisley and Golden Brooks, hand in hand, struck a pose for the cameras on the vibrant red carpet.

The series cast also includes Connie Nielsen, 53

Leland Orser, 58, also plays a supporting role

Additional cast members round out the series with the inclusion of Connie Nielsen, who is 53 years old, on the left, and Leland Orser, who is 58 years old, on the right.

Dual role: Pine also served as an executive producer on I Am The Night, which he said had been  ‘less work and more freeing’ and an opportunity to collaborate ‘with my good friends’

Pine happily took on the dual role of being both an actor and an executive producer for the show I Am The Night. He expressed that this experience was different from his usual workload, as it felt more liberating and allowed him to work closely with his close friends.

Altogether now: (Pictured from left to right) Sarah Aubrey, Jefferson Mays, Yul Vazquez, Connie Nielsen, India Eisley, Chris Pine, Patty Jenkins, Sam Sheridan, Golden Brooks, Leland Orser, Jay Paulson, and Dylan Smith

All together in one frame, stand an eclectic group of individuals perfectly captured in this photo. From left to right, we see the talented Sarah Aubrey, Jefferson Mays, Yul Vazquez, Connie Nielsen, India Eisley, Chris Pine, Patty Jenkins, Sam Sheridan, Golden Brooks, Leland Orser, Jay Paulson, and Dylan Smith. Each person brings their own unique charm and skill set to the table, creating a dynamic and diverse ensemble. This snapshot embodies the essence of collaboration and creativity that will surely make for an extraordinary experience.

Date night: Jenkins was accompanied to the premiere by husband Sam Sheridan

Evening out: Jenkins brought along her spouse, Sam Sheridan, to the premiere event. The cast of the series also features Golden Brooks, aged 48, Connie Nielsen, aged 53, and Leland Orser, aged 58.

Earlier in the day, the I Am The Night cast visited Build in NYC. During a question and answer session, Pine discussed how he prepared for his role in the drama.“What intrigued me the most about Jay was his experience as a war veteran,” the actor revealed. “In addition to various other facets, he is someone who has witnessed the darkest and most horrifying aspects of human behavior.”

Family affair: Leading man Chris brought his parents Gwynne Gilford and Robert Pine to the celebration

A Family Gathering: The main star, Chris, joyfully accompanied his parents, Gwynne Gilford and Robert Pine, to the delightful celebration.

Sheer daring: Sofia Boutella donned a see through number which revealed her lacy bra

Sheer daring: Sofia Boutella donned a see through number which revealed her lacy bra

Unbelievable boldness: Sofia Boutella confidently rocked a transparent outfit, exposing her delicate lacy bra.

Dynamic duo: Dylan Smith and India posed for a snap together

The formidable pair of Dylan Smith and India were caught on camera, striking a pose together.

Stunning: Regina Hall and Golden Brooks looked absolutely fantastic

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