J-Lo’s Street Performance Raises Eyebrows with a Dazzling Near-Striptease

Jennifer Lopez made headlines in LA with her stunning appearance on Thursday. The multi-talented artist was spotted in workout attire, flaunting her toned abs, cleavage, and bronzed skin. Despite turning 45 earlier this year, Jennifer has continued to up her sex appeal while promoting her latest album, A.K.A. This includes joining the “booty brigade” with her hit duet with rapper Iggy Azalea, appropriately titled “Booty.” However, Jennifer’s life hasn’t solely been dedicated to her career as she also makes time for her BFF Leah Remini. The two spent time together in the Hamptons over the summer and were recently involved in an accident with a drunk driver, fortunately emerging unscathed. Check out Jennifer’s latest photos for a glimpse of her fabulous physique.

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6 Jennifer Lopez Activewear Looks That Prove She's Best Dressed at the Gym

Here are six workout outfits worn by Jennifer Lopez that showcase her impeccable fashion sense at the gym.

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