“Jennifer Aniston Embraces Her Fashion Freedom: Sporting Cutoff Jeans and Braless Look on Film Location”

During the production of Squirrels to the Nuts in New York City, Jennifer Aniston stood out with her impressive physique. With her love for yoga, the actress opted to forego a bra and instead wore a lavender T-shirt paired with denim shorts that highlighted her toned arms and legs. It’s clear that Aniston is well-aware of her best assets and how to showcase them!

The movie features Aniston as a character who starts off as a sex worker before making her way into acting. During the filming, she has been seen sporting several unique and vibrant wigs, one of which was a messy brown bob that significantly changed her appearance. Although it may seem like an easy hairstyle to pull off, Aniston revealed in an interview with Marie Claire that it requires much effort to maintain her famous look.

In the latest edition released last month, she shared about her hair type, which is naturally curly and frizzy because of her Greek ancestry. However, frequent use of heat styling products like straighteners, curling irons, and blow-dryers have caused considerable damage to her hair over time. The most significant harm was done by wearing hair extensions, which proved to be more detrimental than beneficial. Her hair turned so brittle and fragile that it made growing it out a daunting task. Even when her hair was long, the ends looked thin. To overcome this, she resorted to using clip-in hairpieces to add volume and fill in the gaps.

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