Katy Perry stuns in a mesmerizing blush Bardot gown at the highly-anticipated wedding of Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess in Rome, accompanied by her partner Orlando Bloom. A dazzling affair embellished with a luxurious shopping spree.

Currently, she is busy organizing her own wedding with her long-term partner, who happens to be a well-known actor. However, Katy Perry took a break from wedding planning to attend her close friend Misha Nonoo’s extravagant wedding in Italy. Before the wedding festivities, Katy and her fiance Orlando Bloom indulged in a luxurious shopping spree in the afternoon. Katy looked effortlessly chic at the star-studded affair, donning a beautiful pink off-the-shoulder dress, while Orlando, the Hollywood heartthrob, looked dapper in a sleek black tuxedo.

Glamorous: Katy Perry prepared to be a guest at her fashion designer pal Misha Nonoo's lavish Italian wedding as she attended the event with her fiancé Orlando Bloom in Rome on Friday

Katy Perry, the renowned singer, was all set to attend her friend Misha Nonoo’s extravagant wedding in Italy. Accompanied by her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, Katy made a stunning entrance in a pink gown, exuding grace and elegance. The charming dress was adorned with delicate floral designs on its glamorous skirt, reminiscent of a fairytale. Adding to her impeccable style were chic white slingback heels that beautifully accentuated Katy’s well-toned legs. To complete her look, she carried a vibrant fuchsia clutch bag and sported a pair of unique cat-eyed sunglasses.

Pretty in pink! The singer looked like a princess in the elegant gown which featured fairytale tulle inspired fabric and intricate floral detailing on the glamorous skirt

Looking absolutely fabulous in pink! The vocalist resembled a true princess in her stunning dress that showcased a fairytale-like tulle material and exquisite floral embellishments gracing the skirt mesmerizingly.

Power couple: Katy and Orlando looked pictured perfect as they arrived at fashion designer Misha's wedding in Rome, Italy, on Friday

The dynamic duo, Katy and Orlando, made quite the statement when they graced the wedding of fashion designer Misha in the captivating city of Rome, Italy, last Friday. Their irresistible charm and impeccable fashion sense were on full display, making them the epitome of a picture-perfect couple.

Earlier today, Katy appeared effortlessly stylish as she ventured out for a luxurious shopping spree in Rome before heading to Misha’s enchanting sunset ceremony. Embracing the summer vibes, the Hot n Cold sensation donned a gorgeous ensemble that showcased her fashion sense. Sporting a flattering bardot neckline and a chic tie-up belt detail to accentuate her figure, Katy paired the outfit with elegant white strappy sandals. Despite the glimmering dazzle of her engagement ring, the singer opted for a laid-back look, opting for a straw sun visor hat and oversized cat-eyed sunglasses. With her platinum blonde locks cascading freely, Katy chose to go au naturel, revealing her luminous complexion and striking features.

Shopping: Katy stepped out for a luxury shopping trip in Rome earlier in the day ahead of attending Misha's sunset wedding to her oil tycoon fiancé Mikey Hess

Retail Therapy: Katy embarked on a fabulous shopping excursion in Rome today before heading to Misha’s romantic sunset wedding with her soon-to-be husband, the wealthy oil magnate Mikey Hess.

Wedding bells: She's currently planning a wedding of her own with her famous actor partner of four years

Love is in the air for this famous couple, as they embark on their own wedding journey. The renowned actor and his beautiful partner are currently busy planning their special day after being together for four amazing years.

During a recent shopping trip in Rome, the Pirates of the Caribbean star exhibited his impeccable style, effortlessly combining a peach linen shirt with grey straight-leg trousers and sandals.

Accompanied by close friends, the stunning American Idol judge and her charming fiancé enjoyed strolling along the charming cobbled streets of Rome. They also indulged in some luxury retail therapy, exploring the exclusive designer shops, all in excitement for Misha’s grand wedding celebration.

Italy has become a temporary home for Katy and Orlando as they join Misha and her fiancé for a breathtaking three-day wedding extravaganza in the enchanting city of Rome.

Wedding of the year! Misha, 31, who is rumoured to have set up Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38, married Mikey Hess at a ceremony in the Italian capital on Friday (Katy pictured)

The most anticipated wedding of the year took place as Misha, aged 31, tied the knot with Mikey Hess in the beautiful city of Rome. Misha, who has been rumored to be the one responsible for introducing Prince Harry, aged 35, to Meghan Markle, aged 38, celebrated her own love story with a joyous ceremony.

Star-studded guests: Among her other high profile pals are supermodel Karlie Kloss and her husband Joshua Kushner, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Ivana Trump (Katy and Orlando pictured)

A constellation of celebrities: In addition to her illustrious circle of friends, which includes the renowned model Karlie Kloss and her spouse Joshua Kushner, there’s also the esteemed Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as the eminent Ivana Trump. (Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are seen in the photograph).

Glam: Katy accessorised her pink ensemble with a fuchsia clutch bag and a pair of quirky cat-eyed sunglasses

Katy perfectly complemented her pink outfit by adding a vibrant fuchsia clutch and a playful pair of cat-eye sunglasses to her look.

Wedding: This will be the first marriage for Hess and the second for Nonoo, who was previously wed to Paddle8 founder Alexander Gilkes (pictured Orlando and Katy)

Matrimony: Hess’s soon-to-be nuptials mark his inaugural venture into wedded bliss, while for Nonoo, it signifies her second walk down the aisle, having previously exchanged vows with Alexander Gilkes, the esteemed founder of Paddle8 (as shown in a delightful snapshot with Orlando and Katy).

Matchmaker: Designer Misha, who grew up in Bahrain, is believed to have set up former actress Meghan on her first date with the Duke of Sussex in 2016 (pictured: Orlando and Katy)

Designer Misha, who was raised in Bahrain, is said to have arranged a meeting between former actress Meghan and Prince Harry back in 2016. However, there is no official confirmation of this. Last Friday, Misha, who is now based in the US, tied the knot with her oil tycoon partner Mikey in a glamorous ceremony in Rome. Not only does Misha have a strong bond with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but she is also close friends with supermodel Karlie Kloss, her husband Joshua Kushner, and Ivana Trump. This will be Misha’s first marriage, while it will be the second for Nonoo, who was previously married to Alexander Gilkes, the founder of Paddle8.

Low-key: The singer flashed a glimpse at her huge, sparkling engagement ring, but she appeared to stay low-key for the shopping trip with a straw visor and cat-eyed sunglasses

Casual: The songstress subtly revealed her dazzling, oversized engagement ring, yet she maintained a low-profile look by sporting a simple straw visor and trendy cat-eyed sunglasses during her shopping excursion.

Planning: Meanwhile, lovebirds Katy and Orlando have been planning their own wedding, after getting engaged on Valentine's Day earlier this year

As the days go by, Katy and Orlando, two lovebirds deeply committed to each other, have been carefully arranging the details for their upcoming nuptials. The couple, who joyfully embraced their engagement on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day earlier in the year, are actively involved in the intricate preparations for their wedding celebration.

Loved-up: The pair first revealed their engagement in February less than a year after rekindling their romance where they took time apart to give each other 'respectful, loving space'

Head over heels: The duo initially shared the news of their engagement in February, less than a year after reigniting their love and experiencing a stretch of separation to ensure they both had the necessary space for growth and a healthy relationship. Katy and Orlando truly embodied the epitome of a power couple when they graciously entered the much-awaited wedding ceremony. The radiant Italian sun seemed to amplify their love as they settled into their designated seats, ready to witness what was promised to be the most talked-about nuptials of the year. Katy effortlessly stole the show with her bold, vivid pink gown adorned with delicate floral accents on the shoulders, while Orlando exuded timeless charm in his impeccably tailored tuxedo.

Stunning: Katy and Orlando looked the ultimate power couple as they made a stunning arrival at the highly anticipated wedding

Impressive: Katy and Orlando made quite an entrance, exuding the aura of an extraordinary power couple, as they arrived at the much-awaited and glamorous wedding ceremony.

Lavish: The main event will be held at the Villa Aurelia, which was built in the 17th century and has been owned by the American Academy since the early 1900s (pictured: Orlando and Katy)

Extravagant: The central celebration is scheduled to take place at the enchanting Villa Aurelia, an architectural gem dating back to the 17th century that has been under the ownership of the esteemed American Academy since the early 1900s. (depicted: Orlando and Katy)

The web of global A-listers that attended the newlyweds wedding

A plethora of international celebrities graced the wedding of the newlyweds, Orlando and Katy. They recently made an appearance at Ellie Goulding’s wedding in York, and now they were seen enjoying themselves as they socialized and laughed with their friends. The main event is set to take place tonight at the enchanting Villa Aurelia, a historic mansion constructed in the 17th century. This prestigious property, owned by the American Academy for over a century, is located in the western part of Rome, adjacent to the Vatican. Approximately 200 guests, elegantly dressed in black tie attire or exquisite gowns, will gather at the magnificent estate featuring a spacious terrace, a grand ballroom, and a dining room where delectable cuisine prepared by a Michelin-starred kitchen will be served.

Wedding arrival: Orlando and Katy, who recently attended Ellie Goulding's York wedding, were seen holding court as they laughed and chatted with friends

At the wedding, Orlando and Katy, who were present at Ellie Goulding’s recent ceremony in York, captivated the crowd as they shared laughter and lively conversations with their group of friends.

Past romances: Orlando was wed to model Miranda Kerr from 2010 until 2013 with whom he shares son Flynn, and Katy was previously married to British comedian Russell Brand

Orlando was previously married to model Miranda Kerr, and they were together from 2010 to 2013. They have a son together named Flynn. Katy, on the other hand, was married to British comedian Russell Brand before.

Currently, Katy and Orlando are in a loving relationship and are planning their own wedding. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day this year. This is not their first time dating, as they have been on and off since January 2016. They had taken a break from each other to give themselves some space, but eventually came back together.

Although they did not officially confirm their engagement, Katy’s mother shared photos on Facebook from what she called their “engagement party.”

Previous love: While the couple did not fully confirm their engagement, Katy's mother posted snaps to Facebook from what she described as their 'engagement party'

Past romance: Although the couple never officially announced their engagement, Katy’s mother shared photos on Facebook, calling it their ‘engagement party’.
Earlier this year, a different source told People that the celebrities were being discreet about their upcoming wedding.
Despite not receiving full confirmation on their engagement, Katy’s mother shared pictures on Facebook showcasing what she referred to as their ‘engagement party.’
Previously, Orlando was married to model Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2013, and they have a son named Flynn.

Royal wedding: Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess made their relationship public at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding last year (pictured in May 2018)

The union of Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess was brought to the public’s attention during the esteemed royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the previous year. This significant event marked the moment when their relationship became known to the world (depicted in a photograph from May 2018).

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