“Radiant Shakira Rocks a Lavender Swimsuit on Her Mexican Getaway!”

Shakira is enjoying her time under the sunny skies of Mexico. The famous Colombian singer was recently seen with her two sons, Milan and Sasha, alongside her partner Gerard Pique. They arrived in Los Cabos on June 24th, and Shakira looked stunning while ditching her makeup and sporting a lovely lavender swimsuit on the beach the following day.


The mom of two seemed pleased to spend some quality time with her children, away from any distractions. Milan and Sasha were seen having a great time building sandcastles and enjoying the remaining days of summer, despite the ongoing issues between their parents. The family appeared to be making the most out of their day at the beach.


As the school year fast approaches, Shakira and Pique are still sorting out their custody arrangements for their children. Rumors of a custody battle have been circulating, with Shakira wanting full custody in Miami, while Pique disagreed. Nevertheless, it seems that the former couple has opted to settle things amicably and share custody. They have reportedly decided to avoid a lengthy legal process that would have attracted media attention and instead prioritize their children’s welfare. Despite Shakira’s preference for Miami, they are both working towards a compromise without interference from outside parties.

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