Savoring the Ultimate Sandwich Combo with Shakira and Mr. Cheese in Sabritas’ Potato Chip Advertisement

Isla has launched a new advertising campaign featuring “singing sandwiches” that celebrate the deliciousness of potato chips. The campaign aims to highlight the joy and satisfaction that comes with enjoying a tasty sandwich paired with a side of crispy chips. The catchy jingle and fun visuals are sure to capture the attention of viewers and encourage them to indulge in the ultimate snack combo. So if you’re looking for a tasty and satisfying treat, grab a sandwich and a bag of Isla chips and enjoy the goodness!

In the latest campaign for Sabritas Food Pairing, Shakira and Mr. Cheese team up to promote the perfect duo: sandwiches and Sabritas potato chips. The Colombian superstar and singing sandwich perform a cover of Lalo Rodriguez’s hit song ‘Ven, devórame otra vez’ to showcase how well the two food items complement each other. Sabritas has long claimed that their chips are the ideal accompaniment to sandwiches, and in 2022, they partnered with advertising agency Isla to create a unique and entertaining campaign featuring singing sandwiches who are miserable without their potato chip companions.

However, in the current year, a singing sandwich with the name Mr. Cheese gained popularity for his outstanding duet with global superstar and newly appointed brand ambassador Shakira. The Sabritas campaign featuring the singing sandwiches caught the attention of many and Mr. Cheese was thrilled to be a part of the commercial, especially since he loves the song they performed together.

Shakira’s music video is all about embracing the good things in life and finding joy in the little things. She’s joined by Mr. Cheese, a singing sandwich who adds some humor to the mix, as they sing a duet about savoring the flavors of Mexico’s favorite potato chips and making the most of every moment. It’s a fun and uplifting message that encourages viewers to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

Sabritas’ marketing director, Clara Contreras expressed her excitement in working with Shakira for a music collaboration. Shakira has always been known for her incredible voice and her music has provided us with unforgettable moments in the past. “Come, devour me once more” is one of her favourite songs, making it the perfect match to showcase Sabritas’ spirit in a fun and musical way. The collaboration aims to demonstrate that even in the most unexpected moments, we can find joy and pleasure.

The upcoming movie, set to be shown across Mexico and six other Latin-American nations, features renowned director Watta Fernandez and the exceptional cinematography of Rafa Lluck, who has previously worked on various music videos for Colombian singer Shakira. The project was approached with a focus on creating an impactful and meaningful experience for both the Sabritas team and Shakira, resulting in the innovative concept of elevating their singing sandwiches to a whole new level. According to Rodrigo Grau and Ariel Serkin, Isla’s CCOs and partners, this idea led to the creation of a duet between the popular snack and the world’s top artist.

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