Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Return? Actress Answers And Shocks Fans

Al Roker couldn’t help it, asking Scarlett Johansson the question on so many fans’ minds right now about whether or not she will be returning as Black Widow in a future MCU film or TV series. Given her character’s noble self-sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, the star was quick to point out that her character returning would be a neat trick indeed. Of course, these are comic book movies we’re talking about, so nothing is ever quite out of the question.

Kevin Feige Says Johansson Will Return

Of course, it makes sense that Scarlett Johansson would be fielding questions about Black Widow since, as recently as a few days ago, Kevin Feige spoke affirmatively about both Johansson and Robert Downey, Jr. returning for a future Avengers project, though he was not clear on any specifics.

If that deal is indeed moving forward, Johansson seemed at first either to have not gotten the memo or to be cagey about confirming her involvement in the unspecified project. Noting that it would be difficult for her character to return given her fate in the most recent Avengers film, she remarked that it might be fun to play her as a vampire or a zombie.

The Actress Wouldn’t Give A Definitive Answer

Saying it would be a “real miracle” for Black Widow to return, Scarlett Johansson seemed to downplay the idea that it was definitely happening, but only to a certain degree. The really shocking part came when Roker pressed her further about whether she had been in talks regarding returning as her Avengers character. At that point, Johansson said that, while she felt like she had to answer him, she didn’t really, even though she very much wanted to.

Loki’s Finale Opens Up A New Realm Of Possibilities

This would seem to indicate that Scarlett Johansson is holding some kind of Black Widow news back, though she indicated she would very much like to answer Roker’s question with specificity. Given Feige’s somewhat nonchalant confirmation of both her and Downey, Jr.’s return, it seems a little bit odd that Johansson would be coy about answering questions regarding Black Widow’s future.

The possibilities are also interesting in light of Tom Hiddleston’s recent comments while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon regarding the fact that his character has died several times and that time slipping opens up some interesting possibilities.

Scarlett Johansson’s Next Disney Project Isn’t With Marvel

Before Scarlett Johansson was askedaout Black Widow, she also discussedaother Disney property, her forthcoming film Tower of Terror. The movie is the next in a series of films produced by the House of Mouse based on their famous theme park rides, such as Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion, and of course Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been a part of Disney World for many years, though it’s not clear whether the Twilight Zone branding, the rights to which Disney purchased from CBS for the ride, will continue into the movie.

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When And How Johansson Might Return Remains A Mystery

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