Selena Gomez Debuts a Chic New Hairdo: The Sleek Shob is Perfect for Fall

Recently, we were questioning whether the sleek bob was no longer in fashion, but Selena Gomez has provided us with the answer. She has not only been bold with her manicures, ranging from “Silver Glaze Nails” to “Neon Pink,” but she has also debuted a brand new hairstyle. Selena’s “Sleek Shob” is the talk of the town, and here’s everything you need to know about it. Selena Gomez showcased her new look at the Rare Impact Fund charity event in Los Angeles at the beginning of October. As the host, she wore various outfits, including a new short haircut. Her new hairstyle is not your typical bob, as it leans towards a long bob instead. The cut extends just up to her shoulders, which earned it the name “Shob” (Shoulder + Bob).

Selena Gomez mit ihrer neuen Frisur.

Selena Gomez rocks her “Sleek Shob” by styling it with a classic middle part. This is in contrast to the current trend of the wild and voluminous Italian Bob, which is usually styled with a side part. Selena got her naturally curly hair straightened for this look and added lots of shine spray for a sleek finish. Unfortunately, we can’t share the Instagram post here due to privacy settings.

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