Shakira Drops a Clue for Piqué in Latest Single “Rats All Around,” Decoded Hidden Messages Within

Shakira, the renowned singer, stirred up the showbiz world with her latest interview where she opened up about her past. Many people on the internet believe that she dropped some clues for her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

In 2022, the Colombian artist and ex-FC Barcelona player went their separate ways after being together for 12 years and having two children. Following their split, she relocated to Miami, Florida in the United States.

The news is out: Shakira spilled the beans on her song “Copavacvac” in an interview before the 2023 Billboard Awards. She revealed all the hidden messages embedded in the hit, which features a collaboration with popular reggaeton singer Manuel Turizo. This comes after a message was sent by the Colombian star to Piqué. Stay tuned for more updates!

Shakira openly revealed that the mermaid character in her music video for “Empty Cup” was inspired by her personal experiences during her romantic relationship with Piqué. She explained that she related to the mermaid as she too felt isolated from her surroundings and eventually found herself surrounded by negative influences.

According to the singer, the mermaid’s story reflects her own experience of feeling out of place in a new environment. In the story, the mermaid finds herself in a garbage dump surrounded by rats. Despite losing their dreams, both the singer and the mermaid did many things for love, but they eventually found the courage to pursue their goals once again.

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