Shakira’s Candid Remark About Ex-Partner Piqué Takes Center Stage at Latin Grammys with Sons Milan and Sasha

At the Latin Grammys, Shakira secured three awards and used the moment to take a dig at her ex-partner Gerard Piqué. Despite the couple’s split in June 2022 after being together for 12 years, they share two children, Milan and Sasha, who accompanied their mother to the event. While accepting her awards, presented by Piqué’s former teammate Sergio Ramos, Shakira spoke about her tough year. After leaving the stage, she received congratulations from her sons, who admired their mother’s success and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek. In addition to her other awards, Shakira also won Best Pop Song of the Year for the collaborative track “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” with record producer Bizarrap, released in January.

Kudos to Shakira for grabbing three Latin Grammys in front of her two sons, Milan and Sasha, who were thrilled to witness the event. However, amidst the celebration, she took a sharp jab at her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

Now: The celebrity mom has two adorable sons named Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old), whom she shares with her former professional football player ex-partner. They were together for 12 years before their separation in June 2022, as shown in their picture together in 2019.

Lovely boys: Showing their admiration for their mother and her hard-earned recognition, they also expressed their congratulations by giving her a gentle peck on the cheek.

The singer’s loved ones were present during the awards ceremony where she received seven nominations, making a historic three nominations in the Song of the Year category. Additionally, she performed with her sons on stage.

Last July, Shakira opened up about her struggles after discovering that her ex-partner, Gerard, had betrayed her while her father was hospitalized. The singer revealed that her father had flown to Barcelona to console her during her separation from the sportsman, but he was gravely injured in an accident at Milan’s first communion. Shakira expressed her devastation at not being able to turn to her father for advice during this tough time. Despite these difficulties, Shakira attended the Latin Grammy Awards, where she received seven nominations and performed on stage. She arrived at the event with her sons, all dressed in matching outfits. Shakira wore a black and gold gown with metallic details and platform heels.

During her acceptance speech with Bizarrap, she strutted on stage in a breathtaking emerald green chainmail dress that had some flirty thigh-high slits and multiple cutouts. The dress was paired perfectly with a pair of silver platform sandal heels, making the overall look simply stunning.

During the awards ceremony, Shakira was recognized for her collaboration with a record producer on a track titled “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” and won the Record of the Year award. She later appeared in an emerald green chainmail gown with thigh-high slits and cutouts, paired with silver platform sandals. Prior to this, Shakira won the Best Urban Fusion/Performance award during the pre-show, which she shared with Karol G for their breakup anthem titled “TQG” from Karol’s album “Mañana Será Bonito.” Additionally, Shakira won the Best Pop Song award for her collaborative effort with Bizarrap. Alongside Milo J and Quevedo, the duo performed a Bzrp medley.

As she made her entrance at the event, she was accompanied by her sons who looked dashing in matching cream satin suits. The stunning mother-of-two was dressed to impress in a bold black and gold gown that featured a well-defined corset top.

At the Grammys, she looked absolutely stunning with her gown’s metallic features, complemented by her gold platform heels that matched perfectly. As she walked into the venue, she held her son’s hand, looking like the epitome of glamour.

The recipient of multiple Grammy awards was both Shakira and her companion when they ascended the stage to receive the honor. In this moment, Shakira delivered a speech that was filled with emotion and expressed her gratitude towards her fans.

During her electrifying performance, the singer graced the stage and sang her emotional ballad, Acróstico, while being accompanied by her talented children. To add to the excitement, she also teamed up with Bizarrap, Milo J, and Quevedo to perform a Bzrp medley that left the crowd in awe.

Stunning: During her awe-inspiring act, she wore a see-through, printed one-piece that accentuated her phenomenal figure.

Incredible: Her dance moves were electrifying, and she also graced the stage with a touching ballad called Acrostico, which she performedaongside her two sons at another event.

During the award ceremony, Shakira and her partner accepted an award and she took the opportunity to express gratitude towards her fans. In her speech, she mentioned her Spanish supporters who have been with her through thick and thin. The singer made history with her nominations in three categories for her song Acróstico, BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53 and TQG. Shakira’s children also joined her on stage during the performance of her heartfelt ballad, Acróstico. Interestingly, the song was released six months after her breakup with her former partner and hinted at his infidelity. Another big winner of the night was Natalia Lafourcade, who won three awards including Record of the Year, Best Singer-Songwriter Song, and Best Singer-Songwriter Album for De Todas Las Flores.

As they climbed onto the stage to receive their award, Shakira took the opportunity to express her gratitude and appreciation to her beloved fans in a touching speech.

Upon receiving her second award that evening, she expressed her desire to share her gratitude with her Spanish audience, acknowledging their unwavering support during both the highs and lows of her career.

Natalia Lafourcade was among the major victors of the event with a total of three awards. She garnered recognition for her exceptional talents in singing and songwriting, as evidenced by her receiving the Record of the Year, Best singer-songwriter song, and Best singer-songwriter album awards for her remarkable work, De Todas Las Flores.

The recipient of the Record of the Year award was Natalia, who triumphed over several other nominees including Christina Aguilera’s “No Es Que Te Extrañe,” Pablo Alborán’s “Carretera y Manta,” and many more. Additionally, she won the title of Best Singer-Songwriter Album, surpassing Santiago Cruz’s “Nueve,” Joaquina’s “Los Mejores Años,” and others. For Best Singer-Songwriter Song, her song prevailed over Valeria Castro’s “La Raíz,” Santiago Cruz’s “1.200 Kilómetros,” and more. Natalia was also nominated for Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Song. Joaquina was awarded Best New Artist, besting fellow newcomers such as Borja and Conexión Divina. Karol G also took home three awards, including Album of the Year for “Mañana Sera Bonito.” She also won Best Urban/Fusion Performance and Best Urban Music Album, and was nominated for several other categories.

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