Shakira’s Reign as Sports Royalty: Exploring the Reasons Behind It

Shakira’s love for sports is uncertain since she stopped following soccer after breaking up with Pique. Instead, she has been seen attending NBA, Formula 1, and Wimbledon events recently. Before their split, she used to be a Barcelona fan and often attended games with Pique. However, it seems like soccer is no longer her go-to sport.

The performer has become a familiar face at a range of sporting events. For example, she was seen cheering on the Miami Heat during the NBA playoffs, as this is the local team for the city where she currently lives. Rumors have linked her to player Jimmy Butler, who is also part of this team. Additionally, she has made multiple appearances this year at various Formula 1 circuits, often alongside driver Lewis Hamilton.

Last week, to the surprise of many, Shakira showed up at the Wimbledon facilities in London to watch the tennis match between Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev with some friends. The Colombian singer appeared to be in high spirits and was thoroughly enjoying the game.

It has been reported that Shakira made her way to England on Wednesday, and the following day she had dinner with Jimmy Butler. However, the NBA player was unable to attend the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club due to his travel plans to China. Interestingly, Butler is known to be a huge supporter of Alcaraz and even cheered for him during the Wimbledon quarter-final match against Holger Rune last Wednesday. It appears that Shakira has also jumped on board and become a fan of the talented Spanish tennis player.

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