“Surprising Search Results: Elizabeth Olsen’s Reaction to Google’s Top Hit on Her Name”

Elizabeth Olsen was left puzzled by the search results when she Googled her name, as she admitted. The renowned Marvel actress shared that she had decided to look herself up on the internet when she was beginning her career in the entertainment industry, following her best friend’s advice.

Although widely regarded as one of the most stunning women on the planet, the 34-year-old actress was taken aback by the negative feedback she received. During an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, alongside David Tennant, the star revealed her feelings about the hurtful comments made towards her. When asked about the most bizarre rumors she had heard about herself, Olsen recounted the time when she found out about the untrue claims that she had undergone a nose job.

“When I first started working, my closest friend pointed out to me that the first result that would show up on Google when searching for my name was about having had a nose job,” she shared. She added that she was confused by the rumor since she had been bullied as a child about her nose. Olsen then clarified to the audience that she had never undergone any rhinoplasty procedure; she had the same nose her entire life. She even revealed that she used to be teased for having a Michael Jackson-like nose growing up, although she acknowledged that he had to go through several surgeries to achieve his unique look.

She wiggled her nose and proudly claimed, “This is all mine. Even this little guy is real.” But the host Corden quickly pointed out that people could have been searching for the actor for inspiration for their nose jobs. This is not the first time Olsen has had to confront rumors regarding plastic surgery.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, actress Olsen addressed the bizarre rumors surrounding her alleged nose job. She laughed off the criticism, stating that people seem to think she had a nose job because of her small nose, but even in her younger days, her nose was still small. Olsen explained that online trolls had spread rumors that she had taken drugs with her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, during their teenage years, which supposedly led her to undergo surgery to fix her nose.

Although such a nasty comment would normally leave most of us feeling upset, the actor who plays Scarlet Witch found it amusing and was able to brush it off. Regardless of the motive behind the comment, we believe that you are stunning, Olsep!

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