“The Naked Truth: Why Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Film ‘We’re The Millers’ is Worth Checking Out”

The gorgeous 44-year-old actress is currently in the UK to promote her latest film, We’re The Millers. She looks incredibly fit and almost intimidatingly so. Let’s be honest though, Jennifer Aniston was definitely the standout star in the movie Horrible Bosses. Her portrayal of a sexually provocative dental nurse who stripped down to her underwear and sensually ate a banana was unforgettable. And who can blame her for choosing such a delicious fruit?

Once again, Jennifer Aniston has stolen the spotlight with her fashion choices at the recent UK premiere of the movie, We’re the Millers. Despite the weather being unsuitable for a summer dress, she still managed to look flirty and fun. This has only increased our excitement to watch the upcoming film, which is set to release on August 23. Although the movie promises some laughs, we can’t deny that the most memorable moment will be Jennifer Aniston’s revealing underpants.

You can trust us when we say that the stunning 44-year-old actress looks absolutely amazing in her lacy see-through lingerie. It’s hard to imagine that her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, wouldn’t take notice – despite his less than favorable thoughts on their marriage. Known for her previous girl-next-door roles, the former Friends star has broken out of that mold by taking on the role of a stripper in her latest film, where she co-stars with Jason Sudeikis.

The fortunate guy was caught on camera playfully spanking her buttocks during a provocative strip dance to a song about caressing. It was as if she was a seductive feline.
If you’re interested in seeing more pictures of Jennifer looking incredibly attractive, feel free to check out the gallery below. You’re welcome to do so.
Jen enjoys sharing heartwarming stories about her home life with her fiancé Justin Theroux whenever she can, since they are just too cute.

During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the incredibly fit actress disclosed that her fiancé Justin has a habit of hiding and then jumping out to shock her. She mentioned that he calls it “trickery” and she always gets scared. However, she has devised a plan to get back at him. “I won’t scream in an elaborate way. Instead, I’ll sneak up and touch him and then scream,” she said with a smile. This seems to be the perfect strategy to catch him off guard and give him a taste of his own medicine.

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