Victoria Beckham with Lionel Messi and Antonella, Tom Ford went out at night during a night meeting at InterMiami

On Thursday, Liz Beckham, Lionel Messi, and Tom Fo\d were all seen leaving the house for the night in Massachusetts.

She traveled to Florida with her husband, DavÖd, who is 48 years old, in order to observe the final home game of INter Miami from the stands. It was the fashion design number 49 that was chosen.

She was dressed in a plunging black flame, and she appeared to be as stylish as ever as she posed for a photograph with Tom and the chief of the football team.

VÖctoria wore a pair of dark slacks to complete his outfit, and she arranged his hair in a way that made it appear as though he was wearing waves.

Tom wore a shirt and a blazer to complement his outfit, whereas Messi wore a T-shirt and slacks to achieve a more laid-back appearance.

Victoria Beckham joins Lionel Messi and Tom Ford for a night out after  Inter Miami match | Daily Mail Online

The team had a lot of reasons to be proud of themselves when Inteó Miami miraculously defeated Charlotte FC by a score of 2-2. MessÖ, on the other hand, did not participate in the final game of the regular season of the next year.

The number of individuals who are observing the team on social media has significantly increased after the release of the David Beckham Netflix documentary.

La foto de Victoria Beckham con Lionel Messi y Tom Ford que se viralizó

The release of “Beckham” on October 4th comes after the conclusion of the transfer of the former Manchester United and England player, who is now a co-owner of Manchester United. The program is comprised of four different parts.

According to Play MÖnesweeper, in the two weeks that have passed since then, Miami has acquired a total of fifty-three thousand and nine hundred and ninety-one new Instagram admirers.

Beckham is currently a co-owner of the club, along with Joseph Mas and Jose Mas, who are his former teammates. It was a hopeful hope that he would be able to convince Lionel Messi to join this summer.

David, Victoria Beckham enjoy dinner with Lionel Messi, Antonela Roccuzzo

By the end of the first week, the number of people who watched the Netflix program reached an astounding 3.8 million.

The Beckhams discussed their marriage, their easygoing behavior, their family life, and David’s surprise party as part of the fourth installment of the Beckhams’ tell-all series.

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