“Why You Can’t Miss Jennifer Aniston’s We’re The Millers: A Witty and Revealing Review”

The gorgeous Hollywood star, aged 44, is currently in the United Kingdom to promote her latest film “We’re The Millers”. Notably, she appears to be incredibly fit and in shape, almost to the point of being intimidating. Let’s just be honest here – Jennifer Aniston was the major drawcard for the movie “Horrible Bosses”. Her portrayal of a dental nurse with a Sexual obsession was unforgettable, particularly the scene where she stripped down to her underwear and seductively ate a banana. It was a rather tasty choice of fruit, wouldn’t you agree?

In the upcoming movie, We’re the Millers, Jennifer Aniston has yet again stunned her fans with her incredible fashion sense. She recently attended the UK premiere wearing a summer dress that was both fun and flirty, although some may argue it was not entirely suitable for the weather. Nevertheless, her outfit has certainly piqued our interest in the movie. Set to release on August 23, We’re The Millers is expected to deliver a few laughs and some rib-tickling moments, but what will definitely catch everyone’s attention is Jen-An’s choice of underpants.

You won’t believe how stunning the 44-year-old actress looks in her new see-through laced lingerie! Despite her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s negative comments about their marriage, she’s definitely turning heads. In her latest role, she sheds her typical girl next door image and plays a stripper alongside Jason Sudeikis.

The fortunate guy is captured slapping her rear while doing a provocative strip act to a tune about caressing. It’s as though she’s a charming feline. If you want additional photos of Jennifer appearing hot, just click on the gallery below. You’re welcome. Jen enjoys sharing stories about her home life with fiance Justin Theroux because they’re incredibly sweet and endearing.

During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the stunningly-fit actress disclosed that her partner Justin enjoys surprising her by hiding and then popping out unexpectedly. Jen humorously shared that Justin calls it “trickery” and that she never gets tired of it, even though she gets scared every time. However, Jen has a cunning plan to get back at her future husband for all the jump scares – instead of letting out a loud scream, she will quietly sneak up on him and then scream after making contact.

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